A bit of ironing

Today I went upstairs to sew, but I got sidetracked by a bedskirt that I found last time I cleaned up my sewing things a few weeks ago. I got it soon before we moved, and put it away until afterward.

I forgot all about it, but it might as well be doing its job on our bed as collecting dust amongst my sewing things. So I ironed it. It was incredibly wrinkly. I've come to the conclusion that although I thought I hated ironing, I actually kind of like it . . . as long as what I'm ironing is relatively flat. So the bedskirt was just right. I even pulled out a can of spray starch that I'd never used before and I was impressed by the difference it made.

Now Mr. Mordecai can put it on when he gets home, since I don't feel up to moving a mattress these days.


  1. now you are seeing things my way missie;)

    there is little more fulfilling than facing a pile of wrinkly, damp clothing and linens, getting to work with an iron and ending up with smooth, crisp fresh smelling things to wear and to grace your home! it's no secret that i love ironing... now you need to get yourself some of the wonderful ironing sprays. my favorite is scented with lavender♥

  2. Congratulations for getting something ironed today. Way to go! It's been ages since I've ironed anything.


  3. You're totally right. I agree completely that it's fun to iron flat things. But through in gathers or collars or shaping, and no more fun. That's I love pressing as I sew, but ironing clothes when their finished bugs me. To many pieces to make sure I'm not re-wrinking, lol.

  4. I agree. Ironing shirts and pants is a pain. Most of the ironing I do is when I am making something. A flat piece of fabric is so much easier to iron. I rarely iron unless I have to. Once I was ironing a shirt for my husband to wear to church and my then 2.5 yo asked me what I was making. He had only ever seen me iron when I was making something. :)