Various updates

Red Chief: Never stops talking. We're still not sure what he thinks about the baby, but he seems to be getting more positive after reading several books and looking at his own baby pictures.

Potty training: That's kind of taken a back seat since he had a little falling-in incident and lost interest. I'm hoping he won't want to start again until after the baby comes, anyway; getting up and down isn't my favorite activity at the moment.

Baby: I'm 32 weeks pregnant and still due the last day of May. Everything's going great, except for my low iron. I had low iron with Red Chief, too, and it didn't matter how much I took, it was still low. Any tips? I already switched to cast iron cookware and I'm taking my iron pills with vitamin C.

Yard: Imagine my surprise this spring when I stepped outside to see that most of our weeds had disappeared over the winter! The jungle that was our backyard is slowly becoming civilized; evidently some of our efforts have paid off. I can even send Red Chief outside to play now without too much fear of him getting poked and prickled.


  1. I was always too high in iron when I was pregnant. I didn't even take the prenatals because the iron in them made me sick :)

  2. My son never really never got the concept of mommy having a baby and then after his sister was born he completely ignored her existence for almost a week. My daughter however is baby obsessed so if anything I need to teach her how to be gentle with the baby.
    I have low iron with this pregnancy. It is not too low so they just told me to try and eat more iron rich foods.
    My yard-seems to have been taken over with weeds over the winter. I've been busy cleaning flower beds etc.

  3. I have had low iron with all my pregnancies, including this one. I've always just taken an iron supplement and it's been fine. I would put off potty training for a while anyway, they say sometimes change makes newly potty trained toddlers revert back and with a new baby coming soon that is a big change.

  4. Mo doesn't quite get the concept of the babies, but he will tell you he wants 1 boy and 1 girl. And he likes to lift up my shirt to "see" the babies. Kaia on the otherhand is so excited and can talk about nothing else. She's already trying to name the babies with High School Musical names.

    On the iron, I've always done ok because we prefer ground beef to chicken. Also one of my favorite winter veggies is broccoli which is a good source of iron.

    Yay on your garden! I was excited to see daffodils, jonquils and a hyacinth in bloom as I left for work today.

  5. I think cream of wheat has a lot of iron in it.

  6. My mom always had low iron and would make fruit and yogurt smoothies with fresh spinach for the iron. The fruit really masks any spinach flavor really well and smoothies are just plain refreshing - especially in spring!