Resolution: Weeks 15 and 16

Last week, I got one extra dinner in the freezer. That was it.

This week, I cleaned up and organized my sewing things. They were in the room that we're going to put the baby in, so we moved them, and they were a big mess. Now I can find what I need, and all my boxes are labeled.


  1. I just read in the Mary Bell Dehydrator Cookbook that beets are a really good source of iron and are good for anemia. I thought of you immediately, since I know that you've been having low iron problems. Maybe some beets will help? :)

  2. I love that feeling of accomplishment that comes from organizing and labeling something like sewing materials. In fact, right now, I think I'll go visit my organized sewing materials just to cheer myself up. My house seems to have been visited by trolls and is a Great Source of Discouragement to me right now. (dramatic sigh)