Resolution: Organizing our office supplies

This little task has been years in the making. Our desk has always been a mess, ever since we were first married. At one point, each drawer theoretically contained different things, and we could generally find what we were looking for.

Three moves didn't help the organizational state of our desk. Neither did Red Chief. He learned to walk around and empty drawers, so we put child locks on them. He broke one child lock. No problem: I just dumped the contents of that drawer into another. But he's broken all the locks now. A few weeks ago, I finally got tired of putting everything back in the desk drawers for the thousandth time (more or less) and I threw everything into boxes and shoved them into a room that Red Chief can't get into.

That helped my sanity temporarily, but I couldn't even find a pencil when I needed it. I needed to get our office supplies under control.

Today, I cleaned out the bookcase that held our videos and DVDs. We're getting rid of the videos: we don't even have a TV anymore. The DVDs all fit on an empty shelf of another bookcase.

Then I got to work organizing our office supplies onto the empty set of bookshelves. Some of the boxes that contained our office supplies hadn't been unpacked since we moved. Ahem. I've been collecting containers from the secondhand store with this task in mind, and I used cardboard boxes where I didn't have anything better. I even used the silverware basket from our old dishwasher to contain our many markers.

Everything is organized and labeled now, and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to find things when we need them. How long did it take me to get the job done? Under three hours. How much time have I wasted looking for things meanwhile? More than that, probably. How many rolls of tape have I bought because I couldn't find our current one? Oh, about five. Let this be a lesson to me to stop procrastinating.

I will now stop rambling.


  1. Looks awesome! That's a job well done.

  2. Oh to have three hours to commit to a project....

    I remember the days... LOL

  3. it looks so good....I am feeling motivated

  4. This is very inspiring, I have a closet of school supplies that needs to be reorganized. Thank you for giving me some motivation. I love the neat and tidy look.

  5. Good job! I love seeing your steady progression of tasks accomplished. It's very inpiring. I need to really get in the habit of giving myself a goal for the week. I love it.