Grandma's needles

I'm finally working on finishing Red Chief's quilt that I started over a year ago. I can't believe I've let it sit so long. When I was gathering my supplies, I smiled to see the price on this package of needles I inherited from my grandma. I was also glad to find that they're just as sharp as ever, no matter how old they are.


  1. I just love vintage-y type sewing supplies. Some of my absolute favorite tools are the ones scavenged from my mom's and grandmothers' sewing baskets.

  2. I have most of my grandmother's sewing things and love them. My aunt has her old sewing machines. But I love looking at the prices and the details of the items I have. And using them is a treat especially if I can remember my grandmother using them when I was a little girl. The shorts, tops, nighties, etc she made me bring a smile to my face and a love for sewing that she passed to me. I am not and will never be a good as her but that is fine I still love it as much as she did. She sewed 90% of her clothing most of her life.


  3. I have so many of my grandma's buttons (which I showed off in Kaia's 100th day post), zippers, needles and thread. The button prices just amaze me. Many are still on the paper backing priced at 25 cents, and they would be $5 or more today.

  4. Isn't that amazing? I hope you are able to finish the quilt soon :)


    Lady M

  5. 19 cents.. one of the things i love the most about old sewing supplies is the packaging and the *prices*.. kind of a window into another time, yes?