A bit of spring cleaning

We've moved so much in the few years of our marriage that it was a pleasant thought when I realized that we've lived in our house for a whole year and we don't have a move-out date in sight.

It also made me think that I should do some sort of spring cleaning. At eight months pregnant, I have a bit of a hard time getting down to the floor level, and I also would usually rather take a nap than clean, but today I felt energetic, so I cleaned a bit.

I tackled the front and back porches and the entryway. I swept, weeded a bit, and hosed off all the spiderwebs that have been collecting on our porch. Inside, I really scrubbed down the entryway, from the window to the doors to the walls to the baseboards.

I knew the entry was a bit dirty, but I was still surprised to see how much gunk there was (mostly at Red Chief's level, no surprises there). Some of the grime was ours, some was from the previous occupants, and some even looks like it's been there since the construction of the house.

It feels good to know that one area of the house is really clean. I don't know when my next burst of energy will come, but I'd love to do more when I get the chance.


  1. Good for you! The more active you stay, the easier time you'll have in labor. That's probably why we get these nesting instincts anyway. Keep it up~

  2. it feels good to be settled in a home, doesn't it! :)

  3. Sounds wonderful! We did some cleaning for Mo's birthday party, but I still have some serious deep cleaning to do. Especially with all the bedroom moving around. I hope the second trimester brings me some motivation too!

  4. We moved a lot the first 6 years of our marriage and it feels strange but nice that next month will mark 2 years in the same home.

  5. I need to do my porch. We live in a really windy area and it's full of leaves and garbage and who knows what!