Resolution: Week 13

This week, I switched from non-stick frying pans to cast iron. The cheap set of non-stick we bought when we were first married has started to peel and chip, and I thought it was time for a healthier option. I'm hoping that using cast iron regularly will also help me get my blood iron level up: it's been low with both of my pregnancies. I also like the idea that cast iron will last practically forever if we take good care of it. I'm sick of sending cheap broken things to the landfill and having to replace them.

Of course with the arrival of new pans, I had to clean out a cupboard to accommodate them. When we first moved in, I set aside a cupboard for Red Chief to play in. Naturally, he preferred to play in any cupboard but that one. So I cleaned it out and did a bit of rearranging, and now my new pans live there. I fear that the reorganization may lead to a clean-out of my pantry soon. I hope so: it's a big mess once again.


  1. I wish my stovetop was a little more cast iron friendly. Good luck with your new resolution =)

  2. I'd love to hear a follow-up to this post about how you like the cast iron cookware. I have had trouble with a few "non-stick" pans beginning to stick and peel.


  3. i am thinking of taking the cupboard doors off of my lower cupboards and replacing them with a curtain... this will of course lead to a massive reorganization (desperately needed!) the girls and i are setting aside a few days the week after Easter to do this sort of thing.

    i'm looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time;)