Resolution: Week 12

This week, I cleared out and cleaned up our guest room. No one's stayed in it since December, and it's collected a lot of junk that we've thrown in there--it's right next to the living area, so it's too easy to throw things in there when I need a quick clean-up. It's also home to Red Chief's extra toys, which had gotten a bit disorganized. It's also a bit of an office annex, as our desk is in the main living area, and we keep the paper shredder and the printer and other such things in there so Red Chief doesn't destroy them or himself.

No wonder it collects clutter so quickly!

It feels so good to have all those paper shreddings vacuumed up, and to be able to see the beautiful quilt that my grandmother made for us again. (Click on the image to see the quilting detail.)


  1. Oh wow! The quilt is GORGEOUS!!!


  2. what a lovely quilt!

    i think we all have those areas in our homes where stuff just seems to gravitate.. mine is the upstairs hallway, and it's looking pretty cluttered these days, i'm sorry to say:(