Since we were first married, Mr. Mordecai and I have agreed that too much TV is never a good thing. We've had one, and we watch movies on it sometimes, but that's about it. Red Chief watches a bit more, a bit of PBS or a movie almost every day.

No more. We decided on a whim at dinner last night that we don't need it anymore. We watch it so little, and Red Chief isn't really gaining anything by watching TV. He doesn't really miss it too much so far, although he keeps asking where it went. He enjoyed the chapter of The House at Pooh Corner that we read this afternoon far better than he enjoyed watching The Aristocats yesterday. What's more, he also
  • Cleaned out a cupboard
  • Played with a sticker book
  • Wrote in his "journal"
  • Planted a strawberry seed
  • Played with Mr. Potato Head
  • Called Daddy
  • Sent a letter to Grandma and Granddad
  • Learned about circles
  • Used scissors
  • Did rubber stamps
  • Made homemade macaroni and cheese
  • Made jello eggs
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
He's one happy kid.

We realize that getting rid of our TV will put us in the class of permanent oddballs--with family, friends, and everyone else. But who cares? We think it's going to work well for us.

Anyone want a TV?


  1. Welcome to the club!!! Our TV died in the winter and we couldn't afford to replace it so we didn't. A few people have offered their "extra" TVs but I've said no! I had instituted the Friday night movie night soon after school started because there was just too much TV being begged for. We have a computer to watch dvds on Fridays only. People keep asking me what I do to entertain my kids...ummm...they read, play with their toys, help in the kitchen. There is too much to do without TV so why bother.

    I LOVE IT!!! I even have my husband on my side now. He wasn't convinced at first, but was willing to try for 6 months. Now he's on board and it's great!!

  2. What a great idea! I wish I could talk my boys and Hubby into getting the TV out. They would have me leave before the TV LOL :) Hope you are having a beautiful Thursday! ♥ Hugs!

  3. Good for you! I wish that we didn't base our lives so much around TV, but we do. I have my list of shows that I MUST watch every week. In the evenings it's pretty much on, during the day... I like to turn it off and do things, but sometimes when I'm working (I work at home) I have to turn it on so I can make that phone call, or get that financial report done.

    I admire the people that can break away from it. I wish my family could.

  4. No thank you! I keep trying to convince Honey that we don't need TV either.

  5. Amen! I'm trying to convince my fiancee we don't need one (I'm not sure it will work because he's the kind that has the 52" LCD TV, but I'm trying. Absolutely no TV in kids rooms though - I'm not backing down on that one) . . .

  6. Humble and BRAVE!! Your little ones will thrive:)

  7. What about watching conference on TV? Will you watch it online now? Or you might live in a place where conference was not offered on TV.

    I don't watch TV, except for American Idol. I read so much that the TV is boring in comparison.

    But my kids? Oh dear. I'm not sure if I want to plant strawberry seeds and call daddy and all that stuff. I'm sure I use the TV to get some things done that I want to do. I don't think that is good but I think that if we got rid of TV it would impact me more than the kids.

    The word verification to comment for me is "no cult." I find that funny. They always seem fishy.

  8. We don't do tv. Every once in a while we watch a movie, but our tv is usually on maybe an hour a week. I'd say I watch a movie once a month and my kids watch one once a week while they fold laundry. I have a feeling I'll be watching a tad more with my hubby in town. He likes movies, but I prefer other date night activities.

    No tv is GREAT! There's a girl at work that always watches trash tv while I'm there and it gives me a headache. Yesterday she was watching America's Top Model. What a waste of braincells. The language and just the show all together was getting on my nerves. I'm gonna talk to my supervisor about not allowing it anymore.

  9. We got rid of the TV (not competely, we still watch movies occationally) about two months ago...I will never go back.

  10. We don't have tv service, just the dvd player and the computer hooked to the tv, and we still watch plenty! I don't miss having television channels at all, other than Foodnetwork. It's been more than a year, and I still miss Foodnetwork.

    I do have a very firm rule that there will never be televisions in any bedroom in my home. That setup is just too isolating and separates people way too much.

    Congrats to you on getting rid of yours.

  11. Janelle, we usually listen to conference on the radio anyway. We could also do the computer.

    I agree that the hardest thing about no TV is not being able to use it to babysit my son. He rarely falls for that anyway, though; I think he can tell that I'm just using it to keep him out of my way. So it's not that big a change, and we can always watch DVDs on the computer if we need to.

  12. Oh, we are weird-os with some of my family and friends too. I think that I've been guilty of the way too much tv disease.
    Good luck!


  13. Hurray for you. We still have a TV, but after years of only getting one channel, it sits in a corner and every now and then we watch a DVD on it. I too noticed that our boy (4) neither misses nor needs it. He has a ton of fun activities to do instead.

  14. YAY!!! you'll never regret it honey... i think getting rid of the teevee is one of the best things a young family can do for their kids. you're right though, people do think of no-tv families as odd. my parents shake their heads and i think they pity their poor deprived grandchildren, lol. but the kids are happy, active in both mind and body. there's not much sadder than a chubby little kid who sits in front of a screen all day and can't manage to amuse himself without it :(

    funny.. i posted something similar to this today over at my place too!

  15. The ONLY reason we keep ours is because we are so spoiled from living in Utah, and want to watch Conference at home. We are exploring the Internet option.
    I happen to think we NEED more oddballs quite frankly ;)

  16. I did a media fast a dew weeks ago. It was a little hard for me. But I saw a difference in our production level in the home and more one on one time.

  17. Yahoo! Another great lady joining the "oddballs!" *grin*

    Way to go!!! ;-)

  18. We put our TV in our closet in Oct and it hasn't been that hard. I have teenagers so i thought Oh yeah this will last a day. But our DS was excited and neither one of them have a problem not having to TV to watch. We love it and your family will be closer because of it. Erika @ homegrown family

  19. We don't have a TV either! We just use our computer and internet connection when needed. This allows us the option...but limits our TV options in a good way (usually just movies we borrow from family/friends)!

  20. We did the same thing a few months..No wait! Its been almost 1 whole year! Wow! We have really enjoyed not having it. It bring the kids around to the idea, we placed a fish tank where the tv used to be. They love it (mostly since they had been wanting a pet and thats all we can have in our apartment). Congrats!!

  21. yes! we have one, but we never ever use it. i wish we could get rid of it all together.

  22. Come on, we knew you were odd long before this.

    Just kidding. I think it's a great family-centered decision.