Resolution: Week 7

I'm trying to make more of my own cleaners instead of buying them. This week, I made some general-purpose cleaner for my kitchen for the first time. I combined a bit of washing soda and dish soap (maybe a tablespoon of each) in a spray bottle with hot water and a few drops lavender essential oil. It smells just like the Method brand of cleaner that I used to buy, and it seems to work fairly well so far.

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  1. Hi there, that's awesome! I've been making our own laundry detergent and it turns out really nice. We save tons of money. Also we use plain white vinegar as a fabric softener (no smell at all in the clothes) and we avoid the harsh chemicals that hurt my husband's skin. When we need a boost in the cleaning power, say, for socks, we use baking soda. It all works. I've also made my own liquid hand soap and had my attemp at dishwasher detergent and liquid dish soap. I'm still thinking on how to make shampoo and conditioner, since we're trying to avoid the chemicals and the high prices. It is great that you're keeping your resolutions... continue onward and I send you my best wishes! :D
    Love and peace!!!