Red Chief's mess of the week

Red Chief is going to make lots of messes; he's just that kind of guy. I prefer supervised messes to unsupervised ones. Here he is helping me make a cake. He had lots of fun sifting flour all over his pants and eating it with a measuring spoon.


  1. So many people stress about mess, and little ones playing nicely, and not muddling things - but you are a credit to your family and your child (and your little bump to come) that you allow Red Chief to have this kind of exploring fun with you. This is the sort of thing little ones were made to do, but so often we stop them because it is too much troube for ourselves.

    Blessings to you all for the coming week,


  2. Good for you for letting Red Chief enjoy a mess every now and then without stressing. That's what childhood is about.