Keeping up your pantry

"Efficient buying of packaged goods and other staples implies keeping up your pantry supplies in a business-like fashion, just as the grocer keeps up his stocks. With your pantry shelves neatly lined with well-known foods . . . you are prepared to meet meal emergencies that no housewife, howsoever clever, can always avoid. And to meet them without those last-minute dashes to the grocer and the butcher which are so time-consuming and so demoralizing."
--General Foods Cook Book, 1932


  1. Wow, I certainly don't enjoy having to go to the store last-minute, but I don't know if I'd ever go so far as to call it demoralizing.

    I just love these vintage sources that you use!

  2. This is actually something that I'm good at! Keeping the bathrooms clean? ...well, not so much! LOL

  3. Maybe they can be considered demoralizing if you get angry enough and mutter things under your breath that you shouldn't say?

    I'm only guessing.

  4. Unfortunately I have way too many of those last-minute store trips. I love reading my 1937 cookbooks for all their advice on menu planning and keeping the kitchen.

  5. I agree...it is demoralizing to go to the grocer and butcher at the last minute. :)

    I love these quotes you post from old cookbooks and such. They seem so old fashioned, but at the same time, so applicable to us.

  6. I love all these things that you post Mrs M - and I have to say since I started menu planning (after reading how so many women here do it with ease!) I am starting to get a little more organise with fewer mercy dashes for last minute things. Building a little buffer for the future - now that is something that I will have to give some thought to going forward! Blessings to you all.