Cub Scout quotes

Every week, we have a group of ten-year-old Webelos scouts come to our house. Last night we worked on first aid. Mr. Mordecai used a doll to demonstrate.


Mr. Mordecai: "Does anyone know what first aid is?"
Scout: "It's like when you put band-aids on people."

Scout: "What are those scissors for? Are they to cut the doll?"
Mr. Mordecai: "No, they're to cut the gauze."

Scout: "That's not a doll, it's a boy. Dolls are girls."

Scout: "Are we going to do mouth-to-mouth? With a boy or with a girl?"

Mr. Mordecai: [in a conversation about severe bleeding] "If you don't have gauze or something clean, you'll have to use whatever you can find."
Scout: "What if it's dirty?"
Mr. Mordecai: "Which would be worse, using something dirty or letting them bleed to death?"
Scout: "Uh . . . let them bleed!"

Mr. Mordecai: "When you treat someone for shock, you should have them lay down and raise their feet so blood can get to their head."
Scout: "Why don't you just hang them upside-down?"


  1. You know the strange thing about these answers is there is some logic at work in there!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  2. I had to giggle...because sometimes the Activity Day grils say such weird stuff too when we are tying to teach them something during our meetings. I should write some of them down too.

  3. Too much fun! I taught babysitting class for Camp Fire USA for a few years, and when we covered first aid, it was always interesting. Actually the whole class was interesting, some of the questions those kids came up with!

  4. ha ha! I have to remember this one! I actually teach first aid to groups of cub scouts several times a year. It's fun to have stories!


  5. as the mom of my own personal 10yo cubscout... i had to smile at those quotes:D