tagged me to post ten honest things about myself. Even though it's not the true meaning of the word, I've noticed that the word "honest" often connotates telling the worst. How about a little snapshot of how things look this morning?
  1. My house is a mess right now.
  2. Our new dishwasher hasn't been delivered yet and I'm behind on washing dishes . . . again.
  3. Red Chief has been throwing fits all morning. "Don't frow muffin. Don't frow muffin. Muffin's sad. Don't eat sad muffin. Don't hit muffin. Clean up the mess. No eat the sad muffin. Ow, ow, ow. Don't hit Mommy. Muffin's not sad. (Big bite.) Good muffin."
  4. I'm behind on laundry. As usual.
  5. Being pregnant and having a two-year-old makes me really tired all the time.
  6. There are shoots coming up in the front yard from the bulbs I planted in the fall.
  7. The new dishwasher that we're getting is nicer than the old one that broke, and I'm hopeful that it will actually wash the dishes. That will be a change for the better.
  8. Even when Red Chief is exasperating to the limits, at least he says and does things that make me laugh.
  9. Even though being pregnant makes me tired, at least I haven't been too queasy.
  10. Even though it feels like I'm behind on everything, I wouldn't trade my work at home and my time with Red Chief for anything.


  1. I didn't know you are pregnant too! When are you due?

  2. Can you see me smiling? I am. I can identify with what is happening at your home this morning...LOL, as well as the "honest" term having the "bad" connotation... (Why is that? Is it a woman thing?)
    Thank you for this great post!!!!

  3. Being pregnant with a 2 year old is not always easy. The best part for me was taking naps together. Kaia enjoyed the cuddling, and I enjoyed the much needed cat nap.

    Love the muffin conversation!

  4. What? You're pregnant? No picture of the stick with the plus sign announcing it? When are you due?

    It was my fault for not telling people I tagged them. I think you'r e supposed to do that.

  5. Ok- I saw the post where you posted your ultrasound pic. She's cute!! I can't believe I missed it! I would ask if you had names picked out, but I don't even know Red Chief's name (or yours for that matter).

  6. Oh, how we (Mommies) can relate. Messes, endless laundry, dishes, and little tikes throwing fits.

    I don't only relate in a general sense but at this very moment. Oh yes, should I be sitting at the computer while my 2 year old is asleep or sprucing up the neverending chaoticness of our house? Ummm, I think we all know the answer but still I am sitting at the computer! ;)

    Love it! Also, thanks for your comment today. I have a follow up comment with a question if you want to take a peak.

    Also, congrats on the baby girl. How fun!

  7. I hope your lovely sense of being able to turn things around to see a positive helps you get through the dish-washer free days - and that your life with Red Chief continues to be blessed as you look after him and his little sister. For a woman who is having a tough day you sure sound like one with an amazing sense of perspective.