Tracking traffic on your blog

I've talked to a few new bloggers lately who wonder who's coming to their site. Here's what's working for me.
  1. Technorati shows who's linking to me. It doesn't show people with very small blogs who haven't registered, but it shows the bigger ones and those who have taken the trouble to register. If you register your blog with them, you'll start seeing over time where you're showing up.
  2. Google Analytics shows me how many people are visiting, where they live, and from what sites they're clicking over. It even shows me through what search terms people find my blog.
  3. Feedburner, my most recent discovery, shows me how many people subscribe to my blog and read the feed instead of coming straight to the page.
Now, is any of this really important? No, but it's fun to see where people are coming from. What do you use?


  1. I have that "feedjit" thing on my sidebar. I've pretty much figured out who's who with it. Except, sometimes, it will just say, "United States". Well, that can be anyone. I am always excited when someone outside the US comes to visit my blog, but that's rare. I've had England, Canada, Korea, China, Ireland and Croatia. It's fun!

  2. I use google analytics and feed burner :)

  3. I was thinking about doing this so I could see where everyone was originating, but I just looked and noticed that it says I'm in a city called "Baldwin Park"...I don't live there :p.
    Weird huh?

  4. I use http://www.statcounter.com/

    I occasionally look at the drill down features that show me where people came from, how long they stayed, etc. I especially like the list that shows where people were from by city or country.