Red Chief climbing my pantry shelves in April.

I have visions of getting on an ideal schedule, having an always-clean house, and eating three healthy meals every day. I always do.

This year, in the homemaking category, I'm setting just one goal:
  • Do something each week that will last beyond the week.
Projects that have been running through my mind include permanent organization solutions in my disaster area of a pantry, getting rid of half of Red Chief's toys, creating an easy-to-use rotating menu plan, and labeling boxes in storage.

I'm hoping that if I do one thing each week that will lead me toward more permanent organization, the house will require less cleaning in the long run. I will report back each week on what I've done, be it simple or more involved.


  1. I think that is a great idea, I like it, it isn't too strict, but it is thoughtful and lasting.

    I think I just might copy you :) If you don't mind of coarse.

  2. that is a really good idea. i think i may take that on also.

  3. I love that pic -- and the resolution. Oh, and speaking of weird fruits in your post yesterday, have you tried mangosteen? Purplish, round, sweet as honey? If you ever do come across some, do have a try.

  4. I've heard of mangosteens, but have never tried one. I'll keep my eyes open! They sound yummy.

  5. Sounds a brilliant idea!! You have set me thinking!!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. It is much appreciated.
    I too have an autoimune thyroid disease..so I know what a it can be a pain to live with!!

  6. Cool Tradition- eating weird fruits on New Years'. Have you ever joined flylady? It can be overwhelming, but a godsend in the end. Happy New Year.

  7. This is such a great idea! And it doesn't seem to daunting. I need to think about implementing something like this. I feel like my house is always on the brink of falling in on me! Thanks again for the inspiration and hope to see you next Monday!

  8. Looks wonderful. Some people can go into thrift shops and have an eye for just what would be beautiful. I go into thrift shops and see junk. I'm pathetic.

  9. Oh rats! I put that comment on the wrong post. Just re-arrange where it is in your head and it'll be fine. :(