Red Chief lately

  • Knows how to take off his diaper, and does whenever it's wet.
  • Loves using the potty. Goes every fifteen minutes if we let him.
  • Continues to flood the kitchen sink daily when I'm not watching.
  • Poop. On the carpet.
  • Informs us every week after church that he was naughty in nursery.
  • Refuses to wear a bib.
  • Pulled the buttons off the quiet book his grandma made him for Christmas, because they're "good candy."
  • Ate one of the buttons off his shirt. Bit it in half.
  • Loves us to read to him about the Goops. "Goops pull kitty's tail. Goops naughty."
  • Also loves us to read him "Winnie The Pooh." We've finished the first book and started the second.


  1. What fun! Maybe Red Chief could teach Mo about the potty?

  2. Enjoy. He will be big all too soon & won't want his mama so much.

  3. I'm so impressed that he is already showing interest in the potty! That's great! Now if only I could get Rachel to do the same...

  4. Lol. "Good candy." Does he think they look like round candies or something? I saw candies shaped like Legos once...which makes *no* good sense to me.


  5. I just laughed and laughed at your post!! My little one (10 months) has always been pretty easy to change when she needs a new nappy on, but over the last 2 weeks as soon as I get her tight off and the fastner off her nappy she grabs it quick as lightning and it's a race to get it off her before she gets both hands in!! All things to remind them of when they're older!!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend


  6. Good candy - that makes me laugh. What a cutie.

  7. Funny funny! Sounds like he keeps you hopping! :)

  8. Love the list of fun stuff your son is now doing.