The modern kitchen

"Mechanical dishwashers may be of service. Their use is generally accepted as a necessity in well-equipped institutions serving food to large groups of people. Mechanical dishwashers are also becoming found useful in many private homes. Where they are used effectively, time is saved and it is possible to use very hot water for the washing as well as for the rinsing."
--The Family's Food, 1931

I'm realizing the luxury of a dishwasher more than ever this week, as ours is broken. We did all our dishes by hand for the first 2 1/2 years we were married, but it's hard to go back.

We're either going to repair our dishwasher or get a new one. In case we choose to buy a new one, I'd love to hear if anyone has models of dishwashers that they love or hate. Any shopping advice?


  1. We have a Kenmore we purchased 12 or so years ago. My gripes are the plastic wore off the tips of the racks after a couple of years and the little tip covers Sears sells to "solve" the problem kept coming off and jamming the works in the bottom of the dishwasher :( Also, my handy husband has to take the motor apart every year or so and clean things out. Even though dishwasher instructions say one doesn't need to rinse, we rinse. My friend, Glenna, just purchased a Kitchenaid and really likes it. I would check Consumer Reports, available at the library. Good luck!


  2. Yup, we're in the same boat. :) I am headed to the library today to check out Consumer Reports. I have also gotten used to loading things in the dishwasher and not handwashing. But, it is good for my family to work together to get the kitchen clean.

  3. Oh, how I feel for you. I too have had to deal with the going back to doing them by hand after the joy of having a dishwasher. It stinks!

    My husband would say get a bosch if you can afford it, they are more expensive, but they are made in Switzerland (I think) and they "never die".

    Good luck!

  4. Our dishwasher motor died two days ago. It will be $350 to fix it. We're going that way instead of a new one, as the cheapest new one was more and a more basic model than what we have. I checked Consumer Reports but the prices they list must be out of date as the ones I looked up were at least $100 more.

    And out microwave (built in) broke too!

  5. Ours is broken too! And this is the third post about a broken dishwasher I read on google reader today!

    There is some seriously bad dishwasher karma going around.

  6. I don't have one! We seem to get by since there are only the three of us. Not to say I wouldn't be keen if someone offered me a dishwasher, but for now it goes in the 'luxuries' basket.

  7. I'd love one but still do dishes by hand. It's all I know. I get a fe bucks set aside and something else always comes up.

  8. When we went to purchase a new dishwasher several years ago, I had done tremendous research. The Bosch was definitely the one. However, there must have been some special incentive for the salespeople, but the guy talked us out of our Bosch and sold us a Kitchenaid. BAD decision. It has been only trouble from the beginning! It was our second Kitchenaid, and I don't know how we let ourselves get talked out of the Bosch. Since then, we have had several people, including contractors, that said the Bosch is the only way to go--outstanding dishwasher.

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