This week's menu

My menu planning has been off lately between inconsistent store trips and traveling and things. So, here's my plan for the week. All bread and pizza dough will be from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Wednesday: Spinach lasagna, bread, veggies or salad
Thursday: Baked beans, bread or cornbread, corn
Friday: Lentil curry, rice, cucumbers in vinegar, fruit
Saturday: Chicken, one-pot pasta, green beans
Sunday: Spaghetti
Monday: Mediterranean couscous and lentils, bread, fruit, spinach
Tuesday: Vegetarian split pea soup, bread
Wednesday: Lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce
Thursday: Homemade pizza


Request: I'm going to be cooking for about twelve people for a few days later this month. I'm all ears if you have any tips or great recipes!


  1. I thought mom told you that you wouldn't have to lift a finger. We can do it all, silly sister!

  2. Can I come to your house for dinner? It all looks so yummy.

  3. Sounds good. What is one pot pasta?

  4. I haven't had twelve people all at once, but when we have company, it works well to have batches of muffins and pancakes in the freezer for breakfasts. Also, breakfast casseroles put together the night before are good. You could even tell the earliest riser to pop it in the oven for you, if you felt particularly tired, lol.

    Cookie dough ready to bake and banana or pumpkin bread in the freezer is good for desserts and snacks, as well as frozen apples ready to be made into crisp. You can put an apple crisp together in pretty much the time it takes to bake it, if you freeze the peeled sliced apples, and the crumb topping.

    Pizza night is fun for guests, because you can have the toppings ready, and parcel out jobs, just as grating cheese, and then everyone gets to decorate their own.

    Chickens, pot roasts, and big casseroles like lasagna are good for crowds, because they yield a lot of food, without much trouble.

    The only other advice I can give, is that if your family is anything at all like mine, you've got to try to be relaxed and not to rigid about who eats what when. Maybe I'm uptight or maybe your family is compliant and listens, so it won't matter in your case, but I find when I over plan meals for company, they always want something else, or want to go out, or want to eat cereal. And a guest should feel free to choose these things without there being hurt feelings, so I've learned to back off and still plan, but not invest too much of myself in the plan.

  5. I need to be better at planning my menus, I'm slacking.

    I am planning out my Christmas week menu though, I'm also cooking for a crowd that week. I have several items frozen in my freezer already, just to help keep the mess down.

  6. Make a big lasagna, utilize your crockpot for other recipes so you can enjoy visiting.