My little helper

Red Chief helping me with the dusting the day before we left town for Thanksgiving.


  1. Those big dusters are fun! Mine always want to do dishes for me, which means attempt to break dishes and slop water all over the kitchen.

    He's getting tall! I think he and Mo are both losing the toddler look and are beginning to look more like pre-schoolers. They still have a way to go, but it's happening.

  2. I love that they always love to help. Annalise takes washcloths and scrubs the floor. It's so cute!

  3. Good for you!

    Train 'em young and train 'em right!

  4. That's adorable! The duster looks more like a fun toy to me! Enjoy it while they're young and want to help. ;0)

  5. Cute!! Love little helpers. My boys are getting good at helping me put the wash into the dryer.

    I'm just catching up.. Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

    As for food suggestions for your houseful of company. Spaghetti always seems to feed lots of people.

  6. ahhh sweetness! Gone are my 'little' willing helpers! Enjoy, mom, it goes FAST!!