Holiday chatter

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation, in which we were well fed every day, Red Chief was thoroughly spoiled by four grandparents and eleven aunts and uncles, and we shared some wonderful family time during the long car ride.

I have to admit I was entirely lazy. I didn't cook one meal, and Red Chief was largely amused by others. My biggest job was cuddling him when his feelings were hurt (mainly when the cat scratched him and when people told him no). Other than that, I kept busy catching up with my family, browsing through my parents' National Geographics, and reading Wives and Daughters. Yes, it's a hard life.

When we returned last night, we had a lazy evening of Chinese food and a movie, followed by Mr. Mordecai unloading the car (lazy me again!) and putting up the Christmas tree. We bought a nice artificial tree last year after Christmas at some ridiculously low price, something like 80% off. Well, it's a keeper! It's so nice to have our first full-sized Christmas tree. We don't have many ornaments, but I have high hopes that we can find another after-Christmas sale this year.

This month we gear up for my brother's wedding, which will happen in the town next to us just before Christmas. I'll have a houseful of company to feed, and meanwhile, I have lots of preparations to complete: extra cleaning, airing out rooms and bedding, and freezable cooking and baking.

I meant to have all of my Christmas gifts ready by now, but I'm not quite there. I guess I'll resort to my old standby: Amazon.

What are you doing to prepare for Christmas?


  1. I too have almost all my gifts purchased. Just a few things and we're done! We bought an inexpensive artificial tree when I was pregnant with Mo. I wanted to get it out and decorate last weekend, but my ribs hurt and I was too tired to make room for it. Hopefully we'll get to that this weekend.

    Then I will be planning Christmas Eve for our families at our home. Which I enjoy.

    Glad you had a great time! As the mom of a toddler you deserve to have some lazy time!

  2. Everyone is getting their trees up and I'm totally feeling left behind. I'm too sick with the cold flu to even consider putting anything up yet, so it will have to wait a week. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. In some ways it's so much easier having more than one child, don't you find? When Boo is part of a group of children, he has a ball, and is barely interested in having anything to do with me. Whereas if it's just the two of us, I'm the play companion. Of course, lots of little people make lots of chaos and mess!
    Re Christmas, I've done my cards, tree and most of my shopping. Baking next!

  4. I haven't begun my shopping yet. My Ditz has full on concerts & exams all through December so I will have to squeeze the shopping in as we go.

  5. Sounds like a great holiday!

    I'm SEWING like crazy to get out presents that other people hired me to make. Then I can get to my stuff!