Found by accident

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A few weeks ago when my mom was visiting, we scoured the internet for the pattern of a saucer that I like that I picked up at the thrift store several months ago. It's become my favorite from my saucer collection; the raised pattern and the opaque glass-like texture really piqued my curiosity.

Our only leads were the Anchor-Hocking mark on the bottom and my mom's opinion that it probably pre-dated her. Alas, though, we didn't find the name of the pattern.

I'd forgotten about our search today when, on a whim, I looked on eBay for jadeite. One of the first results that came up was this beautiful green saucer, which I immediately recognized to be the same as my little saucer, just in a different color.

Finally armed with the pattern name, I was able to find a full set immediately, and some information about the pattern. My mom was right, it does pre-date her: it was made in the 1940s. I'm glad to have finally satisfied my curiosity.


  1. That is beautiful! The green is particularly lovely but boh pieces are exquisite. Good score.

  2. Have you discovered replacements.com?

    Love the green piece, though I don't think I've ever seen jadeite in person.