Christmas dinner

Last year, I couldn't decide what to make for Christmas dinner. Big hunks of meat are traditional, but we don't really like big meat, and there are only three of us. I racked my brains and other people's too, trying to decide what to make: something that would be special but that would still fit our family's personality.

I ended up going for tradition since I couldn't think of anything better, and we had a beef roast. Between our lack of excitement for it and my lack of experience cooking large chunks of meat, it wasn't the best. Now that I've tried the traditional, I can move on to something else, right?

So this year we're having bratwurst. They're special because I never make them (they're unhealthy and expensive). And we all love them. So if you want to avoid sauerkraut breath this Christmas, don't come visit us!

What are you making for Christmas dinner?


  1. We used to have steak and shrimp every Christmas eve before I got divorced. Now money is tighter and we have a larger family.

    This year for Christmas eve we're having beef & sweet potato stew and nice hot bread.

    At our family Christmas party (the Saturday before Christmas) we're having Mexican food :)

    On Christmas day we're having a brunch and just munching all day.

    I'll be posting all my recipes soon... we've never really been the tradition dinner type family at Christmas. I think you just do what works best for your own family.

  2. I think that's a nice idea to pick something you really like, but don't make much.
    For our personal two person celebration, which is this weekend, I think Ben's taking me out somewhere. My mom is making a big roast pork shoulder, I think, because she's got to feed about twenty people, but sometimes we do ham or turkey too. I'm pretty sure my mother in law will be making a seasoned roast and yorkshire pudding.
    Personally, I love beef, and since we tend to avoid it because of the price and cholesterol, I enjoy the excuse to make a pot roast. I've got one all planned for our New Year's Day dinner, lol.

  3. YOu crack me up...they are special because they are "unhealthy and expensive"....I use the exact same resoning! lol

    We go traditional: Turkey, mashed pototes, gravey....the works. I love to cook so it is fun for me and sprcial for the family.

  4. We are having turkey, but we've had Mexican food, fondue, dungeness crab, cold cuts and soup. Whatever you enjoy eating makes a festive meal. I think the December issue of everyday food had a stuffed pork loin recipe that sounded pretty good.

  5. Yay Bratwurst! I served a mission in Austria and that brings back memories! Our family cooks a prime rib every year for Christmas dinner! My husband does an amazing job with it. Mmmm, my mouth is watering talking about all this yummy food!

  6. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

  7. We didn't usually have a big Christmas dinner when I was growing up--it was a pretty low key day for us. But on Christmas Eve, we used to go out to eat Chinese food and then it revolved into making Chinese food.

    I love the idea of Mexican food. That sounds fun.

  8. Good for you -- we always have the old traditional, and I'd much rather do salads and seafood. But we have 22 coming for lunch, and it's expected, especially by the oldies who would be disappointed to see anything else. But I'll add some salads and a pavolva (I don't really like plum pudding) so we'll have a bit of a mix in the end.

  9. I think we are going to go for a ham. It's only 3 of us here too, so we will probably have lots of ham left over, but that's OK.

  10. We are keeping it simple this year with a family favorite chicken divan recipe served over rice. We used to do big dinners that rivaled Thanksgiving, but I keep trying to steer everyone away from that and just keep it low key. Brats sound great to me!
    See you tomorrow!