All clean

This morning I tackled a room I rarely clean: my own. It doesn't get that messy, so I don't think about cleaning it very often. But the clutter does pile up, as does the dust.

First, I evaluated my problem spots. The dresser collects junk. I have a pile of violin music falling out of the top of the closet. My reading material has taken over the top of my bedside table and is expanding onto the floor. (Mr. Mordecai's side is always very neat and clean, as he reads only one book at a time and is naturally tidy.)

I piled everything that didn't belong into a laundry basket so I didn't end up running all over the house all morning. I put some little saucers on top of the dresser to hold our keys and pocket things. I'm hoping that the pretty dishes will help me think twice before I dump stuff there.

I cleaned out the whole closet, including the top shelf, and took away the music for filing. I set up a flimsy little bookcase that we had hanging around to contain my reading material. It fell apart when Red Chief tried to use it for a bed, which is why we weren't using it, but it went right back together and he doesn't usually come in our room.

I dusted, vacuumed, polished, aired out, arranged, folded piles of laundry, fished the magazines from under the bed, and made the bed. I remembered that I bought a bedskirt about a year ago. I really should iron that and get it on the bed!

Now all that's left is to put up the bathroom shelves and sort through the box of bathroom things that have maybe been there since we moved in January, just maybe.

I hope that with my approach today--addressing the problems instead of just cleaning them up over and over--our room will be easier to keep clean in the future. We'll see!


Inspiration: Reclaiming My Room


  1. I love it when I get my room all cleaned :) Like yours, mine doesn't get that messy so it's often overlooked on cleaning day, but it's so nice when I get it dusted and vacuumed.

  2. Our bedroom often, no actually it is always, overrun with "stuff". Dirty laundry, clean laundry, mending... I really need to tackle it. It's the one room no one but us sees, so it's hard to make time for that room when the others need done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Good job! I totally need to clean mine up, I have lots of places to pile things up!

  4. Good Job! But it reminded me in a really loud way I need to do mine. It is stuffed with stuff the closet has Christmas in it and well my dresser/nightstand does not have a top it all books etc. Oh well I will get to it when I get to it.

    I love my blue willow I have a setting for 26 people of plates, salad plates, bowls, serving dishes etc etc etc. My grandmother never used all of it at once but she collected and collected! And now I have it LOL I am thinking of using some for decorations in the kitchen....


  5. I am working my way through my house as I do every summer. I just don't have time during the year. I must say the music stuff is the hardest to keep organized. Ditz has bags for what she's studying & I hang these in the hall but what does one do with a violin in a case? or a flute? & a keyboard that has no stand?

  6. I love when I buckle down and get the corners cleaned in my own bedroom. Right now I have the 8th seat to my mini van sitting in my bedroom corner.

    Apparenly I'm going for the AUTO Chic look in my room.

  7. Mrs. Mordecai,

    Isn't it refreshing to clean and see the immediate results? Clutter tends to accumulate bit by bit without being noticed until all of a sudden I wonder 'where did all of that come from?

    Thanks for visiting with me...

    God Bless...Betty

  8. Good job reclaiming you room. I seriously need to do this in my bedroom. Everything I don't know what to do with, ends up piled on my side of the bedroom. It's getting out of control.

  9. Why do we always tend to leave our room last when it comes to cleaning and decluttering? I painted and decorated the kids rooms as soon as we moved in but there is not a thing on the walls in my room yet to make it feel cozy and homey. I need to work on that.