Bean recipes

Here's a big list of recipes that I like that use beans, lentils, and split peas. Also check out Marilyn, who canned her own beans. Recipes that I've tried and can recommend are starred. The others are recipes that I want to try. Some of these recipes feature beans; others hide them. If you have any favorite recipes that aren't listed here, please point me to them.

Baked beans
White bean soup
Three bean soup
Refried beans
Bean taco bake
Tasty lentil tacos *
Chickpea-stuffed shells *
Mediterranean lentil salad *
Schoolhouse chili *
Garlicky white beans and broth *
Amazing black bean brownies
Rustic cabbage soup
Delicious black bean burritos
Seven-layer tortilla pie *
Hummus *
Snobby Joes
Mediterranean couscous and lentils


  1. Thank you! It's hard to find bean recipes sometimes!

  2. I am making the white bean soup tonight! I found it through a link on your site last week. I'm so excited!

  3. What a great list, I am going to have fun trying all those

    (I especially like the first 5 or so ;-))