More computer games for two-year-olds

A few months ago, I wrote about some good computer activities for two-year-olds. We've discovered several more since then, so here they are:

Update: See a more complete list of toddler keyboard games here.


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  1. Kaia loves Starfall.com and Mo enjoys sitting with her. I haven't let him on it by himself yet, because if I walk away he always manages to mess something up on the computer in no time.

    He really enjoys watching YouTube. He loves to watch "Taylor Fwift" music videos and Wiggles music. Of course like I said, I need to make sure he doesn't click on anything!

  2. Thanks for this. I was wondering about this for my own daughter when she turns two this summer.

  3. Great links!! Thanks. I'm going to save these somewhere, my boys will be on the computer in NO time I'm sure.

  4. Awesome...I love knowing about games like these and my little guy loves them!!!

  5. Thanks for the links, and for the comment. My kids love Starfall too. So, the baskets on my shelves came from my sister-in-law. She gave them to us since she's re-organizing and downsizing in her home. I'm not sure where she got them - probably somewhere like Hobby Lobby or Tai Pan or something. I'm lucky to have a generous family! I'm excited to check out your FHE blog!

  6. My kids are older than two (in fact they go up to 11 and they LOVE the Peter Rabbit coloring sheets.) Have you seen Miss Potter yet? If not go rent it, you won't regret it I promise!