How to use green tomatoes part 4: Recipe list

Here's a list of the green tomato recipes that I found interesting but haven't tried yet:


  1. The only thing I would ever think to do with green tomatoes is to make salsa verde. I just boil them for a little while, then put them in the blender with cilantro. Then, I will add a chopped onion and whatever spices.

    BTW, I linked to you again, and am talking about the grocery challenge again. Hope you don't mind.

  2. We are going to have a hard freeze this weekend, so I have to go out and pick all the tomatoes. Normally I would just leave the green ones and they would end up in the compost pile along with the vines. This year, thanks to you, I am going to pick them all and use them! Thanks for the ideas and going to all the work to find great recipes.

  3. Hello, Mrs. Mordecai! You were so kind to leave a comment on my blog. Your recipes sound scrumptious, I just may have to try some of them. Thank you for taking the time to post so many wonderful ideas!

  4. The Green Tomato Raspberry Jam and the Green Tomato Pasta Toss both sound really good. I filing them away in my recipes to try file.

  5. Fried gr. tom's are a Southern dish. They are actually very delcious. Take a gr.tomato,slice it into slices, dip in egg wash,1 egg thinned with water. Dip in flour,has seasoned salt or a litle salt, dip it in flour,part cornmeal/flour mixture. Get UR skillet hot oil about 1 in.high. Fry them both sides till done,watch the heat. Put a cookie sheet in the oven w/ a layer of n/paper,covered with a paper towel,oven on @ 2oo F. Put UR cooked tomatoes on it to keep warm &drain the oil off of Ur food
    My kids loved catsup on them.
    Grandma used to make green tomato relish w/the green tomatoes. It was really good on s/wiches. An old c/book may have a recipe
    If U have a bsmt. or a cool spot, before a frost hits the tomatoes, pick them & lay the flat in a box. Cover them w/apples. Cover w/ n/paper. The gas from the apples will ripen the tomatoes. Check every few days for ripe tomatoes. I yr. in Utah we had fresh tomatoes til T-giving time this way.