How to use green tomatoes part 1: Getting them ripe

Of course, it would be best if all our green tomatoes would ripen into the beautiful specimens they would have become had the weather not turned cold. I have read and heard many ways to make them ripe, so I will share a few, and also what has worked for me so far.
  • Read at Choosing Voluntary Simplicity a few good methods for ripening your tomatoes, including how to make them last until Christmas!
  • My parents say to wrap them separately in newspaper and leave them in the cool garage. Bring some inside when you want them to ripen.
  • TJ says: "If you have some still on the vine that are getting close to time to ripen, pluck the whole plant up, and take it inside a cool dark place and hang em. They will ripen, at least some will."
  • Some people say that your tomatoes have to already have some red on them to ripen. But that is not the case so far with me, so it's worth giving them a chance. My mom says that only tiny, hard, very green ones will never ripen.
  • I just brought mine inside and left them on trays on the counter. We're now getting one or two ripening up each day, after a week, and they're almost as good as garden-fresh.
Do you have any experience getting green tomatoes to ripen? Ideas or recipes? Please share!


  1. My mother in law just told me the other day that if you wrap them separately in newspaper and store them in a box, you can bring them in and have fresh ripe tomatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know you have that one in the list, I just thought you'd like to know it's seconded by my MIL and my husband's grandmother. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I have never had a fried green tomato. Ever since the movie. Sounds so good.

  3. We tried this years ago. We picked them and just laid them out in shallow cardboard boxes and stuck them in the basement. We had tomatoes until after Thanksgiving, but we did have to throw away a few that went rotten.

  4. Those are some great tips:-)Thanks for sharing that.

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  5. The temps are begining to drop here and I will nedd to bring my tomatoes inside as well.

    Are unripened tomatoes the same that are used to make fried green tomatoes?

  6. Here in the south we eat fried green tomatoes very good. I don't have a recipe to share though :( You could go to Allrecipes and see what they have if you wanted to try it.

    Conference was awesome this weekend. I agree with you some of those talks were just for me! Hubby and I kept looking at each other and saying look he said exactly what we have been talking about I guess we should do it. Or hubby had some of his thoughts and ideas for our branch reafirmed I think he took alot more away this time around being the branch president.

  7. I was taught to "put them to bed" Place a blanket on the floor. Put all your green tomatoes on it, just far enough apart that they don't touch. Place another blanket on top and in two to three days they will have turned red.
    Hope it works for you.

  8. I've taken almost totally green tomatoes and put a few in a paper lunch bag, squishing the paper together at the top. After 2-4 days, they're ripened!

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