Red Chief

  • Dumped out poppyseeds everywhere. Twice. Also pepper, ginger, and Italian seasoning. I don't know if I could live without my DustBuster. It should be required equipment for parents of toddlers.
  • "No hot," he said when he dumped out the pepper. Then he got some in his eye. "Owie eye!" repeated with tears for the next fifteen minutes.
  • Decided it would be a good idea to stick a table knife into the rapidly growing hole in the couch.
  • Managed to remove the doorknob cover to the games closet, get in, and dump them.
  • Likes us to read him a Lego catalog for a bedtime story.
  • Ripped the cover of one of his favorite books in half. The flat way, not the usual way.
  • Is very, very scared of bees. All buggies are scary, but bees evidently take the cake.
  • Sings "a sun-BEEP!" all day.
  • Finally enjoys singing. Previously, he would yell, "No no no!"every time we tried to sing to him, including the hymns during church. Now he enjoys it, asks for more, and fills words in for us. Hooray!


  1. aw, so sweet. I love "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" I love how all the little sunbeams jump in their seats whenever they say "sunbeam".
    My goodness,he is a busy little boy. Poor little guy on the pepper in the eye. :o( (maybe he won't mess with the spices anymore)
    Hopefully you can see the cute factor in most of his antics. I know when your in the midst of it, sometimes you just want to scream. (at least I do). Thanks for the suggestions on my weaning dilemma.

  2. I just went back and clicked on the book link. That is too cool. My girls will get a kick out of checking it out.

  3. LOL on the lego catalog! Mo likes the Quad magazines and motorcycle parts catalogs.

    Mo still doesn't want me to sing. He can sing, but I cannot. He tells me "Taylor Fwift" every morning, then yells for "Our Song" or "Picture to burn." They are so much fun!

  4. So cute. What a busy little guy!