Red Chief

Red Chief has been busy as usual! Here's what he's been up to lately:
  • Enjoys wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses.
  • Spilled a half-full pitcher of cranberry juice all over the kitchen floor and his nice new clothes (any tips for getting it out?)
  • Rubbed butter into the carpet with his toes
  • Calls every child smaller than him "baby"
  • Calls every girl older than him "Katie," in honor of one of his friends
  • Calls every boy older than him "Scouts"
  • When the doorbell rings, he says, "Oh! Scouts!" and goes running
  • When the phone rings, he says, "Daddy," even if Daddy is sitting right next to him
  • Broke half a dozen eggs in various places, but mostly into pots
  • Sneaked to the front during the flag ceremony of a Boy Scout Court of Honor and tried to run off with all the merit badges
  • Insists on wearing his car slippers everywhere, including to bed
  • Says "Bwok O-mama" and "Non Cain" when he hears campaign news
  • Used his potty!


  1. boiling water...for stain that had to do with a berry pour boiling water over it and it just comes out.

  2. Oh My Goodness! These are all so funny, and I've so been there, but the Obama and McCain is cracking me up! I don't think my kids have a clue who either are, but Kaia did want to watch more of Palin's speech last night.

  3. Oh he sounds so much like my "Trial" used to be. We've cleaned up many many broken eggs. You WILL laugh about it SOMEDAY!

  4. I love the pic! My little boy does the same thing with Mr. Potato head glasses...I have to admit...it's pretty darn cute!!! Thanks for sharing all of this...it makes me laugh a little which is good since I have been enjoying many of the same moments myself ;)

  5. He sure sounds busy-which means you are too! Enjoy it, it goes too fast!

  6. So cute, love the glasses. Yeah for the potty!

  7. my goodness! He's such a cutie. You surely have your hands full. And I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way. Loved all those things he's been up to, made me chuckle. Yay for the potty!!

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