Hungry Planet

Picture credit: Barnes and Noble

In the past several months, I've seen this photoessay making the rounds of blogs and email. It really made me think. I finally found its origins and got the book from the library.

The book is called Hungry Planet, and it is written by Faith D'Alusio with photos by Peter Menzel. The authors traveled around the world, spent time with families, and recorded their week's food intake. It is amazing to see how much less--and how much more--others spend on their food. It is also mind-boggling to see the struggle that it is in some areas to get food.

We just go to the grocery store and buy whatever we need. It's all pre-packaged and easily accessible. It doesn't always occur to me, and it should, that people in some places work all day to get enough to eat, the men and the women and the children, too. While we struggle with excessive weight and diabetes brought on by overeating, there are others who barely have enough to live on.

I read this book in less than a day, and found the whole thing fascinating, from the text to the recipes to the lists of food. I highly recommend it as a beautiful, interesting, thought-provoking, horizon-expanding book.


  1. I have read a few other books by Peter Menzel and have enjoyed them. We've also used them as teaching tools for our homeschoolers. Good for kids to see how blessed they are with their lives in America.

  2. I really enjoy looking at the people in these photos, and how happy most every family looks to have a week's worth of food around them!

    I was planning to find this book when I first saw these pictures a few months ago. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. I have seen this too and was fastinated and a little emabrissed (sp) by how glutenious we "modern" people are.

    Some of those people who are eating less look like they are eating healthier.....

  4. I did find it interesting that the American family spent 350$ a week for 4 people...I spend 300$ for two weeks for a family of 7....hmmmm....think it is a life style choice, the area of the country?

  5. I have seen an email summary of this book and thought that it looks like an interesting read. Thanks for the title.

  6. Yeah- thanks for sharing. It looks neat.

  7. I think most of us in this country, myself most def. included, just have no idea how fortunate we are. Even with the struggles most of the us are currently facing, we have access to so many things other people just don't. (perhaps our excess, and lack of gratitude is why we're facing some hardship?)
    Great post-I think I'll have to look for this book. I could use a big healthy serving of gratitude.

    PS thanks for your suggestions on my dilemma!