Red Chief's progress

Red Chief has learned several new things in the past month:
  • How to pour his own cereal.
  • How to chase cats.
  • How to play with play dough . . . and not eat it.
  • How to wind his grandparents around his little finger.
  • How to open the fridge, even without a towel hanging on the door handle (miraculously, he's only broken one egg so far).
  • How to throw a better tantrum (what he was doing a few months ago hardly compares to now!).
  • How to get by on five hours of sleep during vacation (hey, it's vacation, who needs sleep, right?).
  • How to say "Peace, dude" when someone holds up two fingers. We can thank his aunt for her patient teaching on this one.

He's also learned to express his feelings a bit:
  • Stairs at the zoo ("scared")
  • Runny nose ("sad")
  • Marshmallows ("good")
  • Play dough ("happy")


  1. Little guy is growing up!! I love these progress posts that you do. they're always so cute, and make me smile.

  2. What a beautiful picture! I'm glad you can see the humor in your Red Chief! Makes me smile!

  3. Too cute. And patient aunts teaching funny mannerisms make the world a better place. :D

  4. Our friend taught Mo to give "knuckles" after a high five. Now that is the standard, and Mo will not let you forget to do that. I love these progress reports because it's so fun to see them growing up!

  5. Ah, the independance, the mess, the embarassment of the tantrums, you must be so proud. :op

    I live by a motto, laugh or go crazy, it seems we share that credo.

    Welcome back BTW.

  6. It is so much fun to see all the new things kids learn. I am trying to get a post about about my girl written but my card reader is not working so I can't upload pictures! :-(
    I never had to deal with my son eating things like play dough. I could not get him to put anything in his mouth, even food. But my daughter? Whole different story. She tries to eat everything! She ate some of Red's play dough just a few days ago....
    And the grandparents wrapped around his finger? Yeah! That kid figured out how to get his Grandma to spoil him in no time flat. I don't exist when my mom is around.