Free from pious novels

If you want a large, live, 16-page, illustrated, religious, family, temperance paper, free from sectarianism, politics, controversy, pious novels, continued stories, advertisements, puffs, pills, and whisky bitters; opposing rum, tobacco, infidelity, and the devil; containing pictures, true stories, incidents, providences, answers to prayer, poetry, music, temperance, religion, and common sense; fine paper, large type, and good reading for young and old; send $1 for THE CHRISTIAN and 25 cts. for the LITTLE CHRISTIAN a year. Both papers sent 3 months for 10 cts. Size 33 by 46 inches, containing 4 papers in one, The Christian, Armory, Safeguard, and Common People. Specimens free. Splendid premium list. Organs and hundreds of other premiums to canvassers. Agents wanted everywhere. Mr. Spurgeon said, "The Christian is the best paper that is to me." D.L. Moody said: "About the best paper in the country." George Muller said: "I like The Christian for its uniform soundness." Address H.L. HASTINGS, Publisher, 47 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.


  1. These are so cool-thanks for sharing them!

  2. I've been enjoying these. I think I like this one and the previous one the most.