Quick decorating

Okay, I've been getting sick of my blank, empty walls glaring down at me. I'm really not much of a decorator, though, as you know if you keep up with me. Today I just got sick of the pristinely empty, tan dining room, though.

I hung up the calendar and bulletin board all by myself (Yes! I used real nails and a hammer and a level). They were formerly leaning against the fridge and falling down every other day. It's good to see them in a more useful and less risky place.

Then the rest of the wall looked even blanker, so I went into the spare room and laid out our melange of pictures that hadn't been hung yet. Hmm. Oh, there's one that belongs in Red Chief's room. I am sidetracked and go upstairs to hang it.

Back to the pictures. How in the world did we collect so many frames that almost match but don't really?

Then I thought of something that I'd seen done at a church nursery. Luckily we had lots of rope waiting in the garage, and I pulled the clothespins out of my violin case (I hope I don't have to play anywhere windy this summer!). I used two more nails, and I am so happy that our wall is no longer empty. Well, at least the top half. Now we have somewhere to hang Red Chief's latest masterpieces, and I didn't even spend any money!

I still have a long way to go, but it makes me happy to make little bits of progress here and there.


  1. That turned out great! I've seen colored plastic clothespins used to hang aprons and hankies for decorating. So I'm sure they would look great hold artwork too. Although, the wooden pins probably work better for your room color.

    Kaia's artwork is taped up all over the house, at least it is until Mo rips it down.

  2. I've thought about doing something like this but never did. I did buy some metal strips and magnets from IKEA and put them in the play room. Red loves hanging his pictures up. The first day we had them up he probably drew/colored 20 pictures!
    My blank wall in the family room is really bugging me but I just can't find anything I like and can afford to put up there. Oh, and the blank walls in the hall and my bedroom and...well, yeah, we have lots of blank walls right now.

  3. That turned out so cute, maybe I will do that in my boys room. Isn't decorating fun!

  4. I understand how hard it is to find the right thing to fill a blank wall! I think you did a great job, such a cute idea!

    At our old house, I was always having that problem. But when we moved to the house we live in now, I found out that it's even worse not to have enough wall! I'm not sure how it can be, but somehow there are just not very many walls in this house.

  5. So cute!!! Thanks for participating in my carnival.