Computer activities for a two-year-old

Red Chief likes to play on the computer almost as much as I do. I'll share a few of his favorite activities, in hopes that other toddlers will enjoy them, too! These games (sometimes known as lapware) are all very appropriate for a child between the ages of one and two.

When I pick online activities for Red Chief, I think about four things. First, it must catch his attention. Second, there should be no ads and it needs to be completely child-safe. Third, it should teach him something. And fourth, it needs to be something he can actually do. At this point, he's best at the keyboard and doesn't really use the mouse (at least not for what it's intended), so the games I list here are pretty light on the mouse.
  1. Sesame Street Peek-a-Boo. Play peek-a-boo with Elmo, Zoe, and Big Bird. It teaches cause and effect reactions with keys on the keyboard; this one is a good starting point for a child who hasn't done much with the computer.
  2. Fisher Price ABC Zoo. When you push a key, you see the corresponding animal for that letter. If you push a non-letter key, it will continue to the next letter of the alphabet from where you left off. This makes Red Chief a bit lazy and he usually just presses the space bar over and over, so we prefer the Elmo ABC activity. Fisher Price has lots more toddler games here.
  3. Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama. Red Chief loves this game! Pressing the space bar tickles Elmo, and the letter and number keys bring up corresponding objects. One day Red Chief surprised me by showing me the letter A on the keyboard--which he learned from this game.
  4. Six Little Ducks and This Little Piggy. We just discovered these two yesterday, and Red Chief has probably seen them fifty times. They're just little movies, so there's not much interaction, but Mr. Mordecai taught Red Chief how to push F5 to refresh the window so we wouldn't have to keep reloading it for him.

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    1. How very, very cool!! Thanks for posting these. I'm definitely going to check them out with my little guys. They love pressing on the keyboard while I'm on the computer.

    2. What fun! Those little video clips are cute. :)

    3. I've always let me kids on PBSkids.org. There are some ads, but they are for PBS kids shows, and very unobtrusive. Kaia found Barbie Girl and they recently changed it so that the flashiest games require a VIP membership, and I refuse to pay for my daughter to join. Luckily she's quickly figured out how to just play the games she can.

      I wish they made a good Thomas game for toddlers, or one with tractors and front loaders since that's all MO talks about.

    4. Grat Websites...My kids loved those, too. They are a little older now....(sigh)....time flies :)

      Love your blog...it's really cute!!


    5. Red loves the fisher price games. He is finally starting to figure out how to use the mouse which makes it easier for me. He does not play a lot but every now and then he will ask me if he can play computer.

    6. I forgot to mention-I don't know how long you have had the homemaking inspiration links up but I just noticed them this evening. I have been reading through a few of them and am feeling totally inspired and ready to be a better homemaker! :-) There are some great links there. I'll have to come back and read some more after I go do a little more housework. :-)

    7. Great websites :) Later I'm posting a video response (if I can figure out how to get it to work) of whether or not Emily likes the websites! Also I've decided that Emily is marrying Red Chief since he is sooo cute :)

    8. ok... color me un-informed, but i didn't even know these types of activities were out there! i'm gonna go exploring... my miki (my dd with down syndrome would love simpler games like these, and she needs daily reinforcement on her letter id)

      girlie, it's always fun to come a'visitin' you! ((hugs))

    9. My baby also loves pressing the keyboard. I can't wait to introduce her to all of this stuff.

    10. Boo's marvellous with pointing and clicking -- it astounds me. The Bob the Builder games on CD are also marvellous -- we bought our from the library secondhand for $1 each. Bargain!

    11. Thank you for these great links! I just bookmarked them all. I haven't really done any computer with my youngest. My 3 yr old loves starfall.com, though.

    12. great post. i can't wait to visit the sites!