Chilean completos

On Mr. Mordecai's most recent trip to Chile, he was lucky enough to have one of his favorite Chilean foods, completos.

The first time he asked me to make him completos, I was skeptical. I just didn't think that avocado on a hot dog sounded all that good. But it was good. Better than ketchup. Oh, wait, they add that too.

Want a taste of Chile? It's not as gross as it sounds. After my initial taste of a completo with all the toppings, I now prefer mine with just the avocado and tomatoes.


Eight hot dogs
Eight hot dog buns
2 avocados
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
2 tomatoes, chopped

Cook the hot dogs by your favorite method. Mash the avocados with the lemon juice and salt. Pile some of everything on a bun and enjoy!


  1. Neat. I am not a avocado fan but they really sound good.

  2. Sounds interesting. My hubby loves avocados, so maybe I'll have to try it on him. Not a fan myself, but I do like tomatoes. I'll try those.

  3. I am not a hot dog fan, but I love everything else on those, so maybe I'll try. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I think they sound yummy and would probably taste really good with a spicy dog.

  5. Sounds delicious! I love hot dogs and avocados but rarely have either - but I still think the combo would be great. I like lots of stuff on my hot dogs...onions, jalapeno, mustard, ketchup...

  6. What an interesting flavor combination- I would never think to pair those together!

  7. Right now that sounds really really yummy!! I love avocados and tomatoes!! Not sure about the ketchup an mustard but I'll at least give it a chance.

  8. Interesting, I'm not a fan of avocados but my mother is from the Philippines and she makes a frozen drink out of avocados, sugar, ice, and milk. Just thought I would share:)

  9. My dh served a mission in Chile. I'll have to ask him if he ever had those. I'm tempted to surprise him with them for dinner one night, but if he never had them he might think I was losing my mind!

  10. If your husband served in Chile, he almost certainly had these. My husband says they serve them at every corner, making them an easy target for hungry missionaries. So if you want to surprise him, you'll probably be successful!

  11. ok... i'll admit this does sound odd, but i'm game for trying it!

    it helps that i adore avocado;)

  12. i visited my boyfriend in Chile and we had these for lunch a few days.. they are AWESOMEEEEEEEE only we had onions too :) we didnt put the limon in the avacado.. we put it in the onions with some oil.. it was INCREDIBLE :) thanks for the recipe :) :)

  13. I am currently studying abroad in Chile and almost died when I saw this on Tastespotting! Chilean completos always have a TON of may on them, so I have only eaten one, but I'm glad to hear they have so many fans!

  14. I'm chilean and a completos's lover, although the ones of your recipe are called italianos because they have avocado. Tomatoes, may and avocado, red, white and green like the Italian flag.
    Completos have tomatoes, may and Sauerkraut (salted cabbage).
    Also we eat avocado with every sandwich or fastfood, you mash the avocado add salt and it's done, some people add lemon but it's not neccesary, only if you want your avocado to stay green.