What I've learned

I've learned a lot this week without the grocery store:
  • Most recipes taste just fine if you substitute or leave things out.
  • I buy enough food in one week at the grocery store to last us at least two weeks.
  • I have a lot of food hiding in my pantry and freezer that I forget about. Keeping my pantry clean and organized will help me use things that I have.
  • I am more likely to use things up before they spoil if I know a trip to the grocery store isn't in my near future. I have more self-control about saving things for later, too.
And my big conclusion? This was easy. I am going to plan two-week menus from now on and shop every two weeks. I'm excited for this, both because it will save me money and because Red Chief is getting a bit unmanageable at the store lately.

Conclusion number two: We are incredibly lucky. I could easily go another week or more if I wanted to use powdered milk and give up fresh fruit. Our houses are full of food and we can get more just by hopping in the car and zooming over to the grocery store. I hope to be more thankful for the food that I eat.


  1. I don't think most Americans realize how truly blessed they are to have so much available to them. We often think nothing of just hopping into the car to get a gallon of milk. Well, where I live, that milk costs $4.69 plus a 10-mile car trip... it easily comes up to an almost $7 gallon of milk!

  2. Yep once they get to 2, stores are not so fun. Actually Mo is still pretty good in the car cart, so I don't mind him. Kaia generally minds and only has one meltdown. But both of them... well I avoid the store with 2 of them as much as possible.

    2 weeks between shopping trips is a good idea, less extras to pick up.

  3. I started shopping for two weeks worth of menus a few months ago and love it. Grocery shopping is such a hassle, so the less I go the better! I usually have to make a quick trip for milk and produce between the big shopping trip. We drink a lot of milk and I would buy more at once but don't have room in the fridge. I have used powder milk for my son, especially when making chocolate milk, because we were running low and I did not want to go to the grocery store.

  4. This is such a great idea. One Sunday our Bishop challenged our ward to live off just our food storage and what we had in our homes for one week - no shopping! I am glad to say that we did pretty well, with the exception of having to buy diapers. I wasn't willing to go that far, but what if there was some crazy emergency and we HAD to?

    One thing I like to do is fill my car up when it is half full instead of waiting for it to inch down towards that red line. That way I always know there is plenty of fuel in case I have to make a midight run to the emergency room with a sick kid or something.

  5. I have so much food on hand . that I try to only go for eggs and milk. I really do not waste as much food that way and I am much more creative with our menus.

  6. I have enjoyed reading thru your week without groceries posts!

    We are truly blessed. I am have been working at only buying the things that I need in order to finish some meals and not worrying about getting things just because they are on sale!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. We do this every once in a while...it's a good way to clean out the pantry and freezer but I like the idea so much that I might do it more often.