The view (or lack thereof)

Momzoo tagged me to show the view from my front and back doors. She has such a nice view; you should check it out!

Mine isn't quite so exciting. We live in a neighborhood that was a farmer's field five years ago. The people who lived here before us never really got the back lawn established, and we're fighting the weeds like crazy.

There are some good things, though. We do have a plan for the yard, so when I look out there, I try to think about how it will look one day, and not right now.

I also love the house behind us. They have such a nice yard and porch and are always outside painting their swingset or planting flowers.

Here's the view from the front:

And of course I can't resist sharing what I found outside when I opened the back door yesterday: Red Chief cooking me some stone soup.


  1. Your yard isn't so bad! I imagined much worse when you talk about battling weeds. I like that the backyard is nice and flat. It's also green! Ours is so pitiful thanks to the dog. Your yard will be a great place for Red Chief to play.

  2. What a fun tag! How exciting to see your views. I kind of imagined you living in an old country cottage that was 100 years old! I have no idea why! Maybe it's because you sound like you try to leave a self-contained life with your cooking and cleaning tips! I love reading your blog - thanks so much for sharing your photos. Hugs x

  3. My yard looks so bad this year because of the drought last year. And the fact that we ripped out a bunch of Ivy after we moved in last summer and have not planted anything in its place yet. I hope I never get tagged with this one! :-) It is bad enough my poor neighbors have to see our yard, I would hate to share it for the whole world to see. :-)

  4. Your backyard has loads of potential. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it, over time.


  5. Wow I've been tagged :) Now do you want my Logan apartment or my Redmond one? Cuz if you want the Logan one maybe I can dig something up :)