Old-fashioned lawnmower

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We love our lawnmower. The Scotts 20-Inch Push Reel Mower, to be specific. No gas, no electricity, no sharp parts, very little noise . . . what's there not to love? When we first started reading about it, we thought that there must be some problem with it, or everyone would have one. We couldn't really find any reviews from people who hated it, so we gave it a try.

We love it. Have I said that yet? The first time my husband mowed the lawn with it I was outside with him and we actually had a conversation. At the same time he was mowing the lawn. And we weren't shouting. Holy cow.

After you finish mowing the lawn, you smell like freshly mown grass, not exhaust. We use it with our toddler running around. It's great! It even mows damp grass.

The only quirks are that it doesn't like really tall grass and weeds, and that if it gets something like a stick or rock caught in it, it stops until you run it backward and get it out. A small price to pay, I think, for not having rocks and things dangerously thrown around by the mower.

It could be the fact that we are new homeowners and haven't had a lawn for long, but we actually like mowing the lawn with this thing! I highly recommend it.


  1. Wow. That looks pretty cool. Just my speed.

    Our lawnmower freaks me out. I don't know how to use it; it's loud; it smells;...
    Of course Hubby does the lawn, so whatever he wants to use is great by me!-- otherwise it might become a job on my list!☺

  2. We just got one of those last year! I couldn't stand the big scary one we used to have. Now I run out and mow the grass myself because it is fun!


    First visit and I am enjoying your blog! :-)

    Happy day,

  3. Ok, how big is your yard? I don't think I could ever get my hubby to use one of these. Do you think it takes longer to mow with this than a gas powered one?
    We inherited my parents riding lawn mower when they moved to a much smaller lot. I tried using it last week. I went once around the yard and then decided to get the regular mower out.

  4. Our lot is about a quarter acre. Some people around here have riding mowers, but it doesn't take too long with this one. One plus is that you can push it as fast as you want.

  5. I bought a push mower last year and absolutely love it. The sound of the blades swishing through the grass and the smell of fresh grass clippings make the job a pleasant one. You don't have to take down the wash and you can leave the clippings. Sort of makes your yard look like a picture in a children's book.

  6. So you've got me thinking about this mower. It's been on my mind all afternoon. I am still pretty sure my husband will scoff at the idea but I like the thought of no stinky exhaust and little noise.

  7. Jeanette-- No exhaust equals no gas! Maybe he'll like that. It's free to run.

  8. That is a good idea....maybe I will run it past Dadzoo. Hmmmmm

  9. Thanks for leaving your appliance tips on my blog. I never though a matching set washer/dryer would have different energy needs. I will defiantly keep that in mind. I will have to check out Consumer Reports, as well.

    Have you done any cost analysis on what you save by having a reel mower vs what you spent to buy it?? Admittedly, I'm not so good at math. But I love these; I'm working hard on DH to get one instead of a noisy push mower. He doesn't think it will cost that much a year in gas to have a push. The lot/house we are considering is only 120 x 170. Funny thing, everyone in the area has a riding lawn mower even though their lots are similar in size.

    We are bidding on a 1950's rambler, but wouldn't you love to have the little cottage in your header. Sigh. :)

    I really have enjoyed your blog; I'll defiantly be back. Thanks again for the help. :)

  10. We love ours! I posted about it last week. DD is on his way to the barn now to get it so the 3 of us can take turn mowing today.

    The kiddos love it and I love that we can have aconversation while we mow. So while one is mowing other can finish school work outside under one of our big oak trees.



  11. From all the feedback I've had on this post, maybe I should write a new one titled "How to Convince Your Husband that He Needs a Reel Mower." :)

    These reel mowers are perfect for smaller lawns. In fact, they make a smaller one that was only about $80 last time I checked.

    I don't know how much it costs in gas to operate a gas-powered mower. We bought a back-up gas mower at a yard sale for $10 because we have lots and lots of weeds in the backyard, but after chopping them down for the first time, the reel mower has been great.

    Probably the best thing about it is that it makes us girls more excited to mow the lawn! I've noticed that a lot of guys like to have their big, noisy toys, but we ladies like the quiet life.

  12. OK, dumb question: What do you do with the grass clippings? I am planning to buy a house in the near future, and this mower looks like a great option for me. I mean, do you just leave the clippings or do you have to rake them up or something?

    As an apartment-dweller, I know very little about yard maintenance :)

  13. Kelly, the grass clippings are scattered quite nicely by our mower, and you hardly notice them. I think they make a grass catcher if you want to buy it. I wouldn't bother, though; it's not a problem for us, anyway.

  14. I used one of these mowers for years and loved it. I mowed with it as a child. Sometimes stepping back is really progress !