As I mentioned yesterday, Mr. Mordecai spent last week in Chile. I always love seeing the pictures he takes when he is gone. I'm so glad he's back, though!

Look at all those buses!

Mr. Mordecai managed to make a trip to the Santiago Temple before he caught his flight.

Too bad all the cigarettes here don't have this warning! Lung cancer is all very terrible, but I think this picture might help to convince people, too.

Uh . . . some national museum, I think. [Actually, it's "El palacio de la moneda," the main site for the Chilean government. -- Mr. Mordecai]

A stand selling mote con huesillo. I think it sounds gross!

I love the white building in the background!

A museum for the city of Santiago.

A Mapuche band.


  1. Love the cigarette warnings! And I click on the link for that drink...gag! Yuck!

  2. I love the cigarettes! LOL!!! It is fun to see pictures of far away places.

  3. Those pictures rock! How cool that he was able to make it to the Santiago temple!! That is probably the funniest thing I've seen about the cigarettes warnings LOL.

  4. I noticed your comments on a couple of my friends blogs and decided to click over, hope you don't mind.

    Great pictures. I love to travel and it's so fun to see places from around the world.