Actual menu

Here's what we actually ate in our week without groceries (compared to the plan):

Tuesday dinner

Wednesday lunch
  • Pasta with tomatoes
  • Fresh pears

Wednesday dinner

Thursday lunch
  • Homemade macaroni and cheese (leftover pasta from last night; Neufchatel cheese instead of part of the cheddar)
  • Canned pears

Thursday dinner
  • Lemon-scented quinoa salad (lemon zest omitted)
Friday lunch
  • Leftovers

Friday dinner
  • At a church member's house (cheated on this one)

Saturday lunch
  • A fast-food treat after a visit to the zoo

Saturday dinner
  • Pizza

Sunday dinner
  • Lemon pepper pasta
  • Lemon-mustard Brussels sprouts

Monday lunch
  • Tuna casserole


  1. You did great! You didn't cheat too much either. I can't resist snacks for my hubby either. I've started getting chips at the Dollar Store and Grocery Outlet so he has his snacks.

  2. It looks like you did pretty good! I am impressed.

  3. It wasn't so bad.
    Congratulations on reaching your goal!