Ten reasons I like to blog

Kate at Our Red House tagged me for this meme. Thanks, Kate, this was very timely for me because I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I'd like to get it down on paper . . . erm, virtual paper.

Ten reasons I like to blog
  1. I get so many great ideas and inspirations from people's blogs!
  2. When I do housework all day, I like to have something to show for it. I can take a picture as proof that yes, it actually did look good before Red Chief woke up from his nap!
  3. Same with cooking. I just had to take a picture of my lovely jello mold, for example, before we destroyed it.
  4. If I'm feeling discouraged, I can scroll through what I've written and see that I have actually done something useful.
  5. There's a lot of weird/bad/untruthful stuff out there about Mormons. I would like to think that people can look at me and think that maybe we're just normal people, too. Hang on, maybe I am a little odd . . . :)
  6. People leave such nice, encouraging, helpful comments! No one has ever made me feel bad. I think that's amazing.
  7. I get to talk about homemaking! It's something I do all day, but somehow, it's just not a good conversation topic. This way, if people don't care, they don't have to listen.
  8. Sometimes I get to do fun things, like redecorate my blog all by myself.
  9. I get to see weird things people search for.
  10. Best of all, I get to learn, by reading and by doing.


  1. I love the wierd things people search for!

    I think we are all odd, every last person alive. That's what makes it so much fun to read other's blogs.

    You really did have a wonderful answer yesterday regarding the FLDS. While I'm not LDS, I have many friends that are,and you are doing a wonderful job at dispelling myths.

  2. Thank you for tagging me! It is my first time! I love reading yours and other blogs - it's so interesting to read about other people's lives. Thanks for sharing things with us x

  3. That was nice to read. I love to blog, and sometimes I wonder why. I should probably do this meme. {of course I am several memes behind!} :)

  4. Those were fun to read. I can ditto you on all of them!

  5. I have one to add -- if you have a terrible memory (like I do) it helps you to remember!

  6. I had never thought of why, but your reasons work for me too!

  7. You and I share some of the same reasons...great list! I agree with you about the searches...some of them are too funny!

  8. Thanks for the tag - I like this one!! I'll try to get mine up w/in the next couple of days.