Good idea: Letting go of my anti-mess complex to let Red Chief use watercolors during General Conference this weekend. They actually worked better for us than crayons, because crayons are still being eaten at this stage.

Bad idea: Doing it on the carpet. The blanket and sheet worked well . . . until the water spilled. Which, if I had really thought about it beforehand, was inevitable. But, for the record, the spot came up easily and all is well.

Conclusion: We should do it again. But next time with an apron at the kitchen table.


  1. My little guy loves to use his water colors. He hates being messy so the first few times he used them he would freak out a little, ok-a lot, when he got paint on his hands and arms but he's gotten better about understanding that it washes off.
    My son never ate crayons but the baby will eat anything, including crayons so I have to be diligent about making sure my son does not leave his laying around where the baby can reach them.

  2. Yes, the kitchen table - always, the kitchen table. That way, they learn that the craft stuff DOES NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN. Believe me, you want them to learn that.

  3. Painting at home is always fraught -- it somehow gerally ends in Boo covered with paints, with me rushing in and out fetching buckets of water to wash in, old towels, cloths and paper. Chaos! I have to prepare myself to enjoy the ordeal and not mind the mess, and then it's fun.