No-store menu

I almost changed my mind about not going to the grocery store this week when I signed up yesterday to take someone dinner on Tuesday. Mr. Mordecai may play along with my whims, but I don't want to force anything weird upon an unsuspecting family.

Luckily, planning the menu wasn't as hard as I had thought. For the shared meal, I turned back to my old standby, soup and bread. Easy, cheap, and yummy. And I know how to make them fairly well, which is a must.

I planned extra snacks because we're running low on convenience foods like granola bars. I'm trying to ration eggs because Red Chief loves them so much in the morning and won't eat anything else.

The Menu

Tuesday: Minestrone with yeasted cornbread (without cabbage and zucchini)

Wednesday: Lemon-scented quinoa salad (without lemon zest)

Thursday: New Orleans-style red beans and rice; salad (without bacon and green pepper)

Friday: Chicken tortilla soup (from freezer), whole wheat muffins

Saturday: Tuna casserole

Sunday: One-pot pasta

Monday: Lentil tacos

Snacks: Date-Walnut Cake (Mayo Clinic Cookbook p. 272), Chocolate crinkles, Cheese cookies, Cinnamon rolls


  1. I think this is a great idea...but I would for sure need to be a little more organized. Your menus for this week sound very good. I'd like to try this in the coming weeks. Not only would you save money by not buying somthing on a whim but gas too.
    I love your house guest in your wreath:). Linda

  2. Lentil tacos sound yummy!