Kitchen garden

Every spring, I get the gardening bug, even though I have no talent for gardening and I usually end up killing my poor little plants. I love plants, though, and I'm determined to keep trying.

This year, I found three packets of seeds left over from my most successful gardening endeavor, the first year of our marriage. I actually had herbs growing in my bedroom windowsill for a few months before they died! The radishes that I planted in a box outside lived despite lack of frequent watering.

So I filled up some containers in my kitchen with potting soil. I put bark in the bottoms for better drainage. Lettuce is on the left, radishes in the middle, and basil on the right. I've decided I like radishes. They come up so fast and make you feel you're doing something right.


  1. They're off to a good start! I love to grow herbs too, they're pretty and very useful. Good luck with your garden.

  2. Raising from seed is so satisfying -- but the bower birds eat all our new shoots!

  3. Good thing I linked back to you here! My poor seedlings on my desk were desparate for a drink! I'm terrible at growing from seed, but at 10 cents a package at the dollar store, it doesn't hurt to try.

  4. MY Honey Bear has some tomatoes he started from seeds and has transplanted already.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mama Bear

  5. I love your kitchen garden. Linda

  6. It looks like you kitchen garden is off to a good start!

  7. Hi Mrs. Mordechai,
    I love to garden, too, and I'm also a beginner. I thought you might want to check out my site for some cool pictures and easy tips I've picked up. You seem like a neat lady!