Cooling burns on babies

A few months ago, Red Chief got into the oven. The hot oven. I wanted to share what I did in hopes that it will help someone else some time.

Red Chief hates us holding ice to his owies, whether they be burns or bumps--and he gets his fair share. I don't blame him. It's very uncomfortable, and when your parents put ice on you it's hard to wiggle around.

Usually I just compromise and do it for less time than I usually would. But after he touched the inside of the hot oven door, I couldn't compromise: he just had to have the ice. Mr. Mordecai wasn't home to hold him down, so I had to do it on my own.

Thinking fast, it occurred to me that if I could make it into a game, it might work better than trying to force a squirmy, screaming child to keep ice on his painful little hands.

I spread out a blanket on the floor. I set down a large, rimmed baking sheet, and on top of it, a heavy, enameled Dutch oven full of ice water. (Edit: cool tap water is preferable to ice water.) I chose the Dutch oven because it is too heavy for Red Chief to tip over. I had some towels handy.

We played in the ice water for about an hour--far longer than we needed to, probably, but Red Chief was having a great time. His hands healed completely within the week.


Epilogue: Red Chief now knows the word "hot." All food is hot, whether it just came out of the oven or just came out of the freezer. We're working on the finer shades of meaning, but for now, if it gets him to not touch stuff, that works for me.

I won't pretend that he never tries to get into the oven. But at least now he usually puts on oven mitts first, which is a great tip-off to me.


  1. Great info! Loved that you made a game out of it. So smart.

    Glad that he healed up well!♥

  2. Being a nurse a mommy of 5...here's some advice you never use ice on a burn. It can further damage the delicate injured skin you should use semi-cold tap water.

  3. You're right, anon, several other sources I looked at also said that ice water isn't best for burns. Next time I'll do the same thing without the ice!

  4. I stumbled across your post today and saw that you are with the LDS church. I know that the 99% of LDS members are not affiliated with the FLDS and all that is happening in the news.

    My question is how do you as a member of LDS and your church view what has happened and has been happening in the news with FLDS.

    I do not know a lot about LDS besides that you are Morman and that the LDS got rid of polygamy over 100 years ago. I am very curious about all this. I am a Christian myself and I like learning about other religions and cultures.

    I am just curious...thanks

  5. Loved the ideas on how to handle burns. I'll remember that! Thanks!!

  6. Tracey, I am a member of the LDS church too. Our church hasn't said anything about the FLDS raids, excepting to reinforce the fact that we are not affiliated with them.

  7. Tracey,

    I have been following the story about the FLDS children, too. Like you said, neither I nor the LDS church are affiliated with the FLDS church.

    I think that in the current situation, no one can win. It seems that the children were taken good care of at home, physically speaking . . . until they become old enough to marry. I still can't fathom that they marry off their teenage girls to old men who already have several wives. I also don't think it's right to keep the children from knowing what happens outside of their little community. It seems to me that they aren't giving them much of a choice. It is hard to make a choice when you don't know what the other options are. It is disturbing to think that these kids are being indoctrinated from birth to look at the world in only one way: the way their leaders want them to see it.

    On the other hand, my church, the LDS church, has a long history of persecution, and it is important to me that people have the freedom to live how they believe. But, like I said, I think that the children should be able to choose, and it seems to me that they aren't being given the resources to make good choices in their home lives. It seems that they are only taught to obey their leaders. But I don't know. I know only what the media have written.

    I can't come to any conclusions. It seems a pity to take these innocent children from the only homes that they have ever known, and throw them into the big, scary world. But it's also wrong that they are being raised to become teenage mothers and likely victims of sexual abuse.

    I think the real question here is where do you draw the line between religious freedom and doing what is right? Usually those two are the same, but in this case, I cannot believe that marrying teenagers into polygamous relationships, often against their wills, is right.

    I could probably ramble all day because I don't know that there is a good solution to this problem. I hope that those working more closely with the children (and children-mothers) who know more about it are able to work out the best possible solution.

  8. Glad he healed up! My kids have had their share of burns, and it definitely can be a chore holding their hand under cold water. Sounds like a good alternative.

    Very well put on the FLDS. It really is a no-win situation. I feel for the mothers, but also feel that they have been brainwashed into believing that marrying their daughters off young is a good thing. I really felt that after watching an interview where the mothers were nothing but evasive in answering questions. We should all have religious freedom, and if as an adult they choose to marry a man with other wives, fine. But never should a child be put into that situation. I can only pray for those children and their mothers.