Free Rice

I just found FreeRice.com, and I love it! You match vocabulary words with their definitions, and for every word you get right, some rice is donated to the hungry (through funding from the ad at the bottom). I really enjoy improving my vocabulary, and it's fun to know I'm helping someone else out, however little, at the same time.


  1. ::Phew::

    That does get a bit challenging, but it's fun, too. I played until I got 1000 grains of rice and topped out at level 37.

    I bet the Mrs. has me beat!

  2. I donated 4000, and topped out at 41. I guess all that reading growing up helped out.

  3. I'm very curious how far you got! I was up to level 39 at around 1000, shortly after hit 40 and can't budge, but I'm at 2120 grains.

    We did a lot of vocab back in school, and they do a word of the day sometimes on the local news, surprisingly that is where I'd heard many.

  4. I've played three or four times now. I got up to 44 once, but I couldn't stay there long. I'm usually around 40 or 41, except once when I was really tired and couldn't get past 36. I guess sleep really does make a difference!

  5. That's fun -- what a great combination! I'm also a 40 girl.

  6. Hi - I'm here via a comment left on Domestic Felicity. What a great website the Freerice thing is!