April fool

"Through many centuries the observance of All-Fools-Day has descended to us. In many climes and many countries this day is chosen as the proper time for playing tricks on the unsuspecting. . . .

"Now, girls, since this holiday has descended to us from so far back that its origin appears lost in the dim twilight of past ages, there surely must be some reason for its existence, and that reason may be, that 'a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men,' and is therefore wholesome as an occasional diet. So why not help to perpetuate it; not with rude, practical jokes, but with comical surprises, and absurd, but unembarrassing, situations."

--The American Girls Handy Book by LIna and Adelia B. Beard, 1897

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  1. What a cute illustration! Thanks for the info as well...I have always wondered what the origins of April Fool's day are.