Family night

I'd like to show you what we did for Family Home Evening last week. This was actually a plan-it-five-minutes-before-it-happens sort of thing, but it worked out better than it usually does. The Friend magazine had just arrived, so I flipped through it, found this book, and figured we could work on it.

All we did was mount the page from the magazine on cardstock, cut out the pages, and tie them together with ribbon into a little book. Red Chief can look at the book in church: I think it will be great to have something a bit more spiritual than Dr. Seuss to distract him from his usual antics of playing peek-a-boo with whoever is sitting in back of us.

If you want to make this book but don't receive the Friend magazine or don't want to destroy your copy, you can print the page out here.


  1. Thank you!! I'm going to have to do that. I'm a little torn on FHE right now :( My husband's new schedule for a while is 3-midnight, so we might have to change our FHE day to either Sat or Sun....I still might do this w/Jayden tonight.

  2. Great idea! I saw that and thought we should do and them promptly forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. I still have to figure out what we are doing tonight.

  3. I love this family home evening idea! I have 4 little ones and 3 of them would have fun making this project (the other one is a baby). I am a fellow member from Virginia and I came across a link to your blog from godigitalscrapbooking.com
    Its great! I also love the little aprons you make!