ABC tag

Mrs. Brooke at More Than Rubies tagged me for this ABC meme. Enjoy!

A- Attached or single: Quite attached, thank you.

B- Best Friend: Mr. Mordecai

C- Cake or Pie: Hmm. I'm a big fan of cake, but sometimes I just need to make a pie. It's so rewarding.

D- Day of Choice: Uh . . . the weekend.

E- Essential Item: Thai Kitchen Lemongrass and Chili Rice Noodle Soup. Yum.

F- Favorite Color: Well, I like all the colors. It's all in the context.

G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Chocolate-covered gummy bears or sour-coated gummy worms.

H- Hometown: I'm trying to keep some things private, so I'll pass on this one.

I- Indulgence: Chocolate raisins. And Anne of Green Gables.

J- January or July: Neither, thanks. I guess July is a tad more exciting, though.

K- Kids: Little Red Chief.

L-Life is incomplete without: A loving family.

M- Marriage Date: December.

N- Number of Siblings: I'm the oldest of five.

O- Oranges or Apples: Apples, but not Red Delicious. Anything else will be fine.

P- Phobias or Fears: Losing my family.

Q- Quote: “Children learn to smile from their parents.” --Shinichi Suzuki

R- Reason to Smile: Mr. Mordecai.

S- Season: Fall.

T- Tag: Love Bears All Things and Jeanette at Strong and Immovable.

U- Unknown Fact About Me: I like science fiction.

V- Veggies or Fruit: Probably fruit, but I like both.

W- Worst Habit: At the moment, sleeping. A lot.

X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: An ultrasound is more fun if it's a baby you're looking for.

Y- Your Favorite Food: Soup. It's all good, but I especially like soups with clear broths and a strong flavor.

Z: Zodiac: Uhh, I'm not so into that . . .

Images: An Alphabet of Old Friends by Walter Crane.


  1. Those are cute alphabet pictures!

  2. Love the pics -- aren't they sweet. And we have the same worst habit...

  3. I agree with you on the Red Delicious apples they are kind of an oxymoron...

  4. I saw the tag and will play along soon!

  5. It's always fun getting to know others better. I agree about the red delicious apples. How they got to be the representative icon of apples I will never know.

    And I love the alphabet pictures, too. I have some fabric with similar pictures I'm saving to make drapes in my next nursery decorating.

  6. I've always loved alphabet pictures...your's are really pretty!